what does collicked mean?

what does it mean when you say that a horse collicked? does anyone know what that means? if you do, please answer.

Colic means abdominal pain. In people, it is identified by where it happens…like renal colic is abdominal pain caused by a kidney stone passing down a ureter which is painful. In horses, colic refers to pain that comes from somewhere in the intestines. When you say a horse “colicked”, it means the horse went through an episode of abdominal pain because of some problem in the intestines. It can be as simple as a pocket of gas, or as serious as a twisting of the intestine and strangulation of the blood supply to that part of the tissue.
Since you don’t know whether it is simple gas, or a life threatening twist when the horse shows signs of colic, it is always taken seriously.

Source(s): I’m an RN and horse owner.

when a horse is ‘colicked’ it means that the horse has a condition called colic. colic is what happens when a horse eats something bad for them such as sand, or freshly mowed grass.

since horses cannot vomit, the bad things that they ate become blocked in their intestines. usually this can be fixed by slowly walking the horse around until it does a dropping, but if this cannot be done because the colic is very bad, the horse may need to undergo surgery.

if the colic is bad enough the horse can even die. hopefully this doesnt happen though.

here is a website that will explain to you in more depth what colic is:

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Yes collicked means the horse had a bad tummy ache.Collick can kill some horses like if they eat to much green grass or to much sweet feed.They can get a really bad tummy ache called Collick.If the horse has Collick it shouldnt eat and should be walked and walked for about 2 or 3 hours untill the horse settles down and isnt so stressed.And you should call a vet right away.Hope this answers your question.

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In a nutshell “colicing” is the equestrian term for Stomach ache in horses. There are many different causes for colics and you have to be very cauctious with them, because they can be fatal.

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Simply, the horse has a stomach ache. It has gas or blockage in its digestive tract. It can be bubble that can be worked out. It can be blockage that can be fatal. It is the number one cause of horse death.

colick is a medical term for when a horses intestines twist around each other, or the horse has a blockage in the bottom of the stomach or intestine

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what does collicked mean?
what does it mean when you say that a horse collicked? does anyone know what that means? if you do, please answer.


it has to do with there intestines.
if they eat something bad for them,
there intestines could be plugged up or get twisted.
and they are diagnosed as a collicked horse(:

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