What does “shiruh” mean in Korean? (shiro)?

And what’s the difference between that and ani?

싫어/Shiru means I don’t want to.

I.E. 학교/Hakgyo (School) 가기/Gɑɡi (go) 싫어/Shiru (I don’t want to)
공부/Gongbu (Study) 하기/Hagi (do) 싫어/Shiru (I don’t want to)

Ani is no.

I don’t want to.

Ani is basically just saying no or disagreeing with something.

싫어 (shiruh) means like “I don’t want to” or “I don’t feel like it”
아니 (ani) means “no” like when someone asks “did you go to the store” and then you say “no”

Source(s): I’m Korean

“shiruh” means “i don’t want to”
“ani” means “no”

“Shiruh (싫어)” means “I don’t like it” or “I don’t want to do it” in context.

“난 자기 싫어” (nan jagee shiruh) means “I don’t want to sleep.”
“나는 사과를 싫어” (nan sagwa leul shiruh) means “I don’t like apples.”

“Ani (아니)” simply means “no.”

Source(s): Part Korean & fluent in the language.

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