consult the periodic table on page 180 in your reading material and then. based on the explanation of the?

meanings of the various table numbers given in the the text calculate how many neutrons there are in a phosphours atom. As your reading material says…. Atomic weight = Protons + Neutrons (since electrons have a negligible mass). So find the atomic # (which is the # of protons) and subtract that from the weight. … Read more

How do you say “Time Freeze” in Japanese?

Above topic. The literal translation is “zikan touketsu”(時間凍結) time = zikan(時間) freeze(if you mean ‘a temporary stopping of something’ by it) = touketsu(凍結) I don’t think my translation is wrong(as i’m a top contributor of “languages”…..oh! sorry for boasting^^), however, even if we Japanese hear the term, it would be impossible to understand it unless you … Read more

What is the Swedish Fish font?

What is the name of the font used on the logo of the Swedish Fish candy? I need to know for a typography project. Do you need the exact font? That I can’t figure out, but it is really stinking close to Cooper Black. Swedish Fish Logo This Site Might Help You. RE: What is … Read more