How do Filipinos pronounce the word “frappe”?

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I have heard some pronounce it as “frapp” and some pronounce it as “fra – pay”.

Frappe is “fra-pey”.

Some would shorten when ordering a Frappuccino and would just say “frap”. BTW, Frappuccino is a registered trademark of Starbucks. Perhaps this is what you heard and what others mean when they say “frap”

Pronunciation Of Philippines

Frah- pay! (with a long “A” sound)

Frappe—>Chilled or partly frozen, specifically Beverage

Frah-pay’ is correct. It should be the prononciation used by everyone, including Filipinos.


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Frap like trap.

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Inadvertently, some say it as “PRRRAH-FHEY”

Cracks me up every time.

Remember back when pinoys used to pronounce the brand name “Porsche” as “for-shayyyyy”?

I say kah-fee, but people usually find that odd since I’m from New York.

I pronounce it as /frap/.

I don’t know if it is the correct pronunciation.


i would pronounce it as…, “frap”

frappé = fra péy (accented)

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How do Filipinos pronounce the word “frappe”?

If you’re like most internationals, you’ve probably heard the word “frappe” pronounced various ways. In the United States, it’s typically pronounced “frap.” In the UK, it’s typically pronounced “freh-PEE.” But in the Philippines, it’s typically pronounced “FRAP-puh.” Why the difference? In Philippine English, frappe is a loanword from French. The French word frappe (meaning ‘to hit’) is used in English to refer to coffee and tea breaks. Frappe became popular in the Philippines because of its phonetic similarity to Filipino words for ‘break’ (pamamagitan), such as pagkain (food) and pagtaas (to break). Thus, Filipinos pronounce frappe as “FRAP-puh,” just like they would say “break” or “crunch.”

What is frappe?

Frappe is a word that is pronounced in a similar way to the word “frosty.” Frappe is an Italian word which means “to douse or wet.” In the United States, frappe is typically associated with coffee and ice cream, particularly in places like New York City.

In the Philippines, frappe refers to a cold drink made of coffee and milk. Frappe can also be made with other syrups, such as caramel or chocolate. Frappe is often served in a paper cup and topped with whipped cream or ice cream.

How to say frappe in Filipino

The word “frappe” is commonly used in Philippine English, but the correct pronunciation is “frambe.” Frappe is also spelled frambe.Frambe is the preferred spelling in British and American English, while frappe is the most common in French.


In this article, I will be discussing the Filipino pronunciation of the word “frappe”. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the correct pronunciation for frappe is “freh-PEE”. This differs from how Americans pronounce it, which is “FRAP-pe”. The difference in pronunciations probably comes from French being the original language of frappe and American English borrowing from it. Regardless of how you say it, make sure that you are using the correct spelling when referring to this popular coffee drink!

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