What does Venus conjunct Part of Fortune mean?

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This placement resides in my fourth house in Sagittarius. Does it indicate making money from Sagittarian interests, or having a lot of flexibility in how one earns a living? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

The Part of Fortune has nothing to do WITH fortune.
It only indicates what you think will make you happy.
Venus conjunct POF means that you think love will make you happy.
In the 4th house, this means that having family is what you THINK will make you happy. Having a home. More importantly, the feeling of being at home INSIDE yourself (being your own home, inside yourself).

As for making money .. your birthchart cannot show you that.
It only shows what goes no inside of you. Whether or not you make money depends on how wisely you apply your efforts, and on setting the right goals in the first place.

But since happiness is a state of mind, happiness comes ONLY from inside yourself.
Not money, not fame .. not even love, will make you happy.
These things make you MORE the way you already are.
So if you are unhappy and you become rich, you will become unhappier (because the money turned out to NOT make you rich, now you no longer have a dream about how to become happier).
Same with wealth, and same with love. In fact, one cannot make love work UNTIL they are already a happy person.

Venus and the Part of Fortune: If Venus is with the Part of Fortune, the potency of Venus will be enhanced, and the person will have tremendous personal charm. He will probably also be good looking. Harmony and balance come easily to him.

The person with his Part of Fortune in the fourth house needs a sense of home, roots, security, and stability to be totally happy. This does not mean that he needs a house to call his home. His home can be an ideal, a person, an atmosphere that he can feel is solid and solidly behind him. He can then go on to find fulfillment in a tenth house professional identification. These people are usually very patriotic with strong feelings for home, homeland, and parents. The Part of Fortune in the fourth house usually means that the person will be wealthy in the last third of his life.
Part of Fortune in SAGITTARIUS: The characteristic style of Sagittarius is adventurous and expansive. The person with the Part of Fortune in Sagittarius will achieve happiness and success by reaching out to vaster mental and philosophical horizons.

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What does Venus conjunct Part of Fortune mean?

Are you curious about what Venus conjunct Part of Fortune means for you? Curious to see if it will bring good or bad luck in your future? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll take a look at the planets and their alignment with Part of Fortune, and give you a summary of what each one means for you. So read on, and start preparing for the year ahead!

What is Part of Fortune?

Part of Fortune is a astrology term used to describe when two planets are close to each other in the sky. In general, this can be seen as a positive sign because it suggests that the planets are working together harmoniously. However, there are also some potential negatives associated with this alignment, such as increased chances of conflict or difficulties.

When Part of Fortune occurs, it is often seen as a good omen because it indicates that both planets are working together harmoniously. This can lead to increased chances of success, as well as more harmony and cooperation between the parties involved. Additionally, the closeness of these two planets may also lead to improved communication and understanding between them. On the other hand, there is also a potential for increased conflict or difficulties due to the proximity of these two planets. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to any accompanying signs and factors before making any major decisions.

How to Interpret Venus Conjunct Part of Fortune

When Venus conjuncts Part of Fortune, it can suggest a strong desire for material possessions and success. It suggests that you are attracted to opportunities that come your way and that you will take advantage of them. This is usually a good time to advance in your career or to find new investments that will offer you financial security. It can also indicate romantic opportunities or a new love relationship.

What Does This Mean for You?

There are certain aspects of your life that will be going very well at the moment Venus is conjunct Part of Fortune. This could mean that you have a lot of good luck on your side, and that everything you do seems to go smoothly. You may also be feeling extremely confident in yourself right now, which is great news! However, it’s important to remember that nothing always goes to plan – even when things look promising. There are always risks and obstacles to overcome, so bear this in mind while you’re enjoying the good fortune this conjunction has brought your way.


As you can see, Venus conjunct Part of Fortune could mean a number of different things depending on the aspects involved. When both planets are in good aspect (e.g., within 1° orb), it suggests that you will experience some degree of success or happiness with your relationships. However, if there are negative aspects present (e.g., Mars opposite Venus), then this could mean difficulties or struggles with these relationships. Ultimately, it is up to you how you interpret the information presented here — just be aware that there are potential risks and rewards associated with this configuration.

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