whats the song called wawawawawaw ive been feeling fine baby trying to hold back for so hard?

does anyone no the song

The song is called “lets get it on” by Marvin Gɑץe

Source(s): Ive heard the song:)

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This song definitely sends out mixed signal: Parts of the song do reflect the male enjoying himself, moving on, and having lots of “fun” with other females, while other parts of the same reflect sadness and tears over you. Your ex in my opinion is playing some kind of sick psychological game with you; and unless he sings a song to you himself, I would pay no heed to anything that comes from him otherwise. Some would also say that what your ex is enɡɑɡing in is a form of stalking; and, therefore, I, frankly, would change my number if I were you.

I Ve Been Feeling Fine

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