Small household items that represent cell organelles!?!?

I have to find things that represent organelles in a

Nulceus – recipe book/instruction manual
Mitochondria – Battery
Endoplasmic reticulum – Printer or a pen?
Golgi aparatus – an envelope
Chloroplasts – green rechargable battery
Cell membrane (elastic band (2 to represent the phospholipid bilayer)
Ribosomes – I guess maybe an ink pot as its the material thats used to write
Cell Wall – the paper bag
lysosomes – washing up liquid (breaks down wate food on a dirty plate)
vaculoes – bottle of water

Nucleus: a map. It codes for different things and is almost like a set of directions.
Ribosome: LEGOs. Ribosomes gather together amino acids and make proteins out of these groups!
Endoplasmic Reticulum: a tunnel. Cars are the “proteins and lipids” and the tunnel is the ER
Golgi Body: LEGOs again! Lets say you made a car, a house, and a tree out of LEGOs. The Golgi would make these three things into a neighbourhood!
Lysosome: a stomach. A lysosome takes in food and breaks it down for the cell.
Vacuole: a closet. It stores random stuff!
Mitochondria: a battery. Provides power for everything else
Chloroplast: a solar panel. It collects light and turns it into energy.
Cytoskeleton: a human skeleton. Holds shape while it carries out life processes

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Sounds like high school bs. xD

Nucleus – data storage (USB)
Mitochondria – Battery (fo sure)
Cytoplasm – can of broth
Endoplasmic reticulum – Something membranous or maze like.
Ribosomes – Create proteins… You could have some meat and say there are ribosome in it?
Golgi body – packaging system. Wrapping paper?
Lysosome – acid, something that breaks down things.
Vacuoles – water container
Chloroplast – That’s just ridiculous. Tell your teacher that its way too complex an organelle to be represented by anything man made you can find in your house. Shame on him. Something black – cloth or paper (absorbs light).
Cell wall – Piece of bread
Cell membrane – Sausage casing?

Source(s): University

Cell wall and membrane:walls
Chloroplast:a plant
Ribosome and endoplasmic reticulum:food or a chef(?)

the only thing i can really think of is a battery to represent the mitochondria, because it provides power for the cell. that’s a hard assignment. try google. good luck!

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Answer 6

*shrugs* a smaller ziploc bag eith tripple A batteries in it. it’s clear, can be aired up so it does look like a chloroplasts, especially if u use green batteries and the batteries produce energy to perform functions.

Answer 7

For all the people who didn t know what to do for cloroplast you can use green food coloring because thats cloroplast is what memes a plant green

A tv remote for the nucleus.


Use cancer for the cancer. and cancer for the other cancer. Use cancer for each cancer there is in the cancer.


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