How does DoctaM3 afford $1 million in supercars if he’s a dentist?

I’m curious. I’ve never heard of any dentist being able to afford a supercar let alone 3 supercars that combined cost over $1 million. The highest paid dentist is an othodontist and the highest they make is around $350,000. That 1 aventador of his starts at $500,000. Plus he’s a young guy, couldn’t have been too long in dental profession. Does he do something else besides dentistry? I’m just curious.

1.He is NOT a Dentist.
2. His real name is not Cody although that’s what he goes by on YouTube.
3. He graduated medical school in 1995. That would put him in his mid to late 40s

I don’t want to tell you much more out of respect of DoctaM3’s privacy but people in his specialty of medicine make $475,000 annually on average and he is at a much higher level than average given his background and position in the current hospital he works.

Dentistry is one of the highest paid professions in the US. Thousands of dentists are multi millionaires. They didn’t make it in one year, they accumulated their wealth through savings and prudent investments.

He started out with rich parents.

Family money?

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