What is us-mg6.mail.yahoo.com?

Is this Yahoo or is it a fake?

Hi –

Once you have upgraded to the new Yahoo! Mail, it is no longer possible to switch to an earlier version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Older versions of Yahoo! Mail are being phased out over the next few weeks, so all users must upgrade.

We are always looking for ways to improve Yahoo! Mail, and we consider customer feedback to be a valuable resource.

To share your comments directly with our product team, please use our feedback form.


Us Mg6 Mail Yahoo Com

I’m looking at some of the post’s about this, 9 months 6 months!? I just started getting this message two days ago! I hate being pushed into anything and this just BULL!

According to all, yahoo does not care for this issue.

I also do not like this new us-mg6.mail, it changed with no warning. I do understand how it is important to integrate. PhotoBucket did such a bad job with integration that I switched to Flicker. The important thing, are choices.

Answer 6

I don’t know what is happening but my yahoo mail account freezes and I cannot open or send anything!!!

Answer 7

for 1 week now, I can’t access my e-mail account. When I open my account, all I see is a blank page.

how come i can’t get to my email it says something about us-mg6.mail.yahoo. how can i look at my email

seems like another Yahoo Mail mess….what a stupid company


I can’t access my calendar – why?

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