What is the meaning of the word, “problemic”?

Many years ago in deep meditation I asked, “What is the nature of this Universe?” The answer came, “This is the Problemic Phenominalogical Universe.” I had never heard the word “problemic”. Clarification came that in this Universe, problems arise one after another and we solve them. I suppose that the word”problemic” came from my deep inner mind. I want to know from the group mind what the meaning of “problemic” is.

The word is “problematic”

1. Posing a problem; difficult to solve: a repair that proved more problematic than first expected.
2. Open to doubt; debatable: “if you ever get married, which seems to me extremely problematic” (Oscar Wilde).
3. Not settled; unresolved or dubious: a problematic future.

The other word is “phenomenological”

1. the study of phenomena.
2. the system of Husserl and his followers stressing the description of phenomena.

Different translations of the bible would suggest love and charity are synonmus. Examples found in.1st Corrinthians ch. 13 vs. 1-17 illustrate this many times. I would enjoy hearing from a scholar of the languages used in those past times to clarify my understanding. The story of the “World’s Poorest Philanthropist”, Gilbert “Harold” Ewing II (myself) is the reason for this querry. The ” act of grace”, or charity, reffered to in the news interview, has posited this question and I lack the sort of education to provide any insights of true value.

It’s the word “phenomenological” that has me reaching for a dictionary.

Spell check corrected your spelling of above word.

I never heard the word “Phenominalogical” before…

micelborp,thats the words… spell backward

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Agree with godless.

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