Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons look just alike?

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Do you guys agree that Angela Simmons and Tessa Thompson who performs in that new film For Coloured Ladies look simply alike. Sorry I’d of put an image of each of them collectively however I dont know easy methods to hyperlink a web site to a web page.

Omg! Sure i acually thought it was her then i used to be like no kuz of her voice however within the scene wen she was in crystals apt yellin at her sister jo she appeared like her.however they kan mos def move as sisters its krazy. Tessa is from the present “Veronica Mars” tho i believe its superior how a lot they appear alike tho!

OMG u are so proper, i used to be watching the film and that i stored considering that she appears like Angela Simmons and for a second i assumed that was her..

Simmons gurls

Sure!!! I used to be watching the film and I whispered to my sister that it was her, however I simply seemed it up and I used to be stunned when it wasn’t her haha

hahah Sure!

I assumed I used to be the one one whop thought this.
They do look alike.

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sure!!!!!!! Alot if i have to say.i assumed i used to be the one one who thought that.They appear like twins

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Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons look just alike?

Have you ever seen Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons in the same room? We’re not talking about on TV or in a movie – we’re talking about in person. If you have, you might have noticed that they look a bit alike. In fact, they look so much alike that some people have mistaken one for the other.

Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons bear a striking resemblance to one another

There’s no denying that Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons look a lot alike. And while some might say that they could be sisters, we know for a fact that they’re not related.

Thompson and Simmons have both achieved success in their respective fields, with Thompson starring in films like Creed and Dear White People, and Simmons appearing on the reality television show Run’s House.

While the two women share some physical similarities, it’s their inner strength and beauty that really makes them stand out. So whether you think they look alike or not, there’s no denying that Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons are two amazing women.

Some believe that the two could be related

Do you ever see a celebrity and think to yourself, “they could be my long lost relative”? Well, some people believe that actresses Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons look so much alike that they could be related.

Both ladies have stunning features, including dark brown skin, natural hair, and bright eyes. They also share similar fashion sense, often opting for chic and sophisticated looks.

While there’s no evidence to suggest that the two are actually related, it’s fun to imagine what it would be like if they were sisters!

There is no mistaking that the two are often confused for each other

Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons are often mistaken for one another. It’s not hard to see why – they both are gorgeous, successful women of color. However, upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see that the two are actually quite different.

For one, Tessa Thompson is an actress, known for her work in Creed and Selma. Angela Simmons, on the other hand, is a reality television star and entrepreneur. Even their personal styles differ – Tessa Thompson is known for her edgy, eclectic fashion sense, while Angela Simmons favors a more classic and glamorous look.

Despite their many differences, there is no doubt that Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons share a striking resemblance. So much so, that it’s hard to tell them apart – even for those who know them well!

They both have unique features that make them stand out

We all have our own unique features that make us stand out from the rest. What sets Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons apart is their gorgeous eyes and striking features. Whether they are wearing glasses or not, these ladies definitely turn heads when they walk into a room.


After taking a close look at both Tessa Thompson and Angela Simmons, it is safe to say that they could definitely pass as twins. They both have the same slim figure, dark hair, almond-shaped eyes, and full lips. The only thing that sets them apart is their skin tone — Tessa has a darker complexion while Angela’s skin is more light-toned. Regardless, they are two beautiful women who look quite alike!

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