Identify the interviewee(s) in interview with marielle tsukamoto. marielle tsukamoto 5th-grade students gail desler university students

the 5th grader is the answer

I believe the answer is: 5th-grade students the interview was conducted by 5th grade students at Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary School. The main topic of the interview was the perspective on society treatment toward japanese decent American following Japanese attack to Pearl Harbour.

In this experiment, the only person being interviewed was Marielle Tsukamoto so she is the only interviewee.

A. Marielle Tsukamoto Explanation: On edgenuity 2020

Marielle Tsukamoto An interviewee is the person that is being interviewed. In “Inteview with Marielle Tsukamoto, Marielle Tsukamoto is the one who is being interviewed. The interviewer is the one who is asking the questions. 5th-grade students are the ones asking the questions so they are the interviewers. The entire interview is about Marielle Tsukamoto’s experience as a Japanese American during World War II. Most specifically about her time in an internment camp.

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