What does the red scarf symbolize in ‘the wrong place’ by susan michalski

If I keep in mind accurately, the purple scarf represented journey. The right reply is “Blood”. Rationalization: Within the brief story “The fallacious place” by Susan Michalski, Lana wakes up in a seat of a prepare station whereas she suffers a bomb assault with out figuring out what is strictly occurring. When the bomb assault … Read more

Add punctuation to the following excerpt. writing under the name of diedrich knickerbocker washington irving aimed his potent satire

Writing beneath the identify of ‘Diedrich Knickerbocker’, Washington Irving aimed his political satire, at as various subjects as political rivals reminiscent of; Thomas Jefferson, to the very supreme of wanting again on the previous affectionately. Rationalization: Punctuation was added to the excerpt indicated in order that it’s doable to ascertain coherence and cohesion within the … Read more

As mr. utterson’s character develops, he becomes more

The reply is anxious. The right reply is D. Fearful Rationalization: In literature, it is not uncommon characters change because the story develops; this consists of bodily modifications but additionally modifications within the persona and feelings of the character. Within the case of Mr. Utterson within the first excerpt, it’s proven Mr. Utterson is a … Read more

The life stage in the life course in which an individual begins to reorient his or her thinking from the time since to the time left

The life stage within the life course during which a person begins to reorient his or her pondering from the time since to the time left to stay is a) younger maturity b) the early center years c) the late center years d) the older years The right reply is C. To reorient the pondering … Read more

What theme is portrayed in this excerpt from leo tolstoy’s the death of ivan ilyich?

The theme which is portrayed within the above excerpt from Leo Tolstoy’s “The Demise of Ivan Ilyich” is: maintaining appearances in society. The proper possibility is C. Tolstoy provides his comment on the materialistic nature of individuals within the society. All through the novel, the characters are seen jumbled up within the internet of materialism … Read more

In the great gatsby, which of these best explains why gatsby represents a paradox

A. She is rich and higher class, however she may be very sad. A. She is rich and higher class, however she may be very sad. Clarification: A paradox is assertion or proposition which, regardless of sound reasoning from acceptable premises, results in a conclusion that appears logically unacceptable or self-contradictory. In “The Nice Gatsby” … Read more