Which literary technique does the poet use in these lines from beowulf?

the answer is litotes

C. litotes Explanation: This is an example of litotes. This refers to a figure of speech that emphasizes a point by stating a negative to further affirm the positive. Litotes also tend to incorporate double negatives for effect. The way in which we can tell this is an ironic statement depends both on context and intonation. In this case, the author tells us that the sword was “not useless” in order to convey that it was actually extremely important.


the answer is litotes Explanation:

The Poet uses litotes as a literary technique in the sentence That [sword] was not useless to the warrior now from Beowulf.

Litotes is a technique that communicates in a positive message through a negative structure, we can see in the sentence the use of was not, but the general meaning is a positive one saying that the sword was in fact really useful.

The other options are not correct because those techniques make reference to sounds and metrics or use of a combination of words no the general meaning of a sentence.

Answer 6

The answer is kennings. Its a word that is replaced to mean another word.

Answer 7

C. litotes Hope it helped

Litotes   Explanation: Litotes as a literary technique is an understatement and it happens when an affirmative is expressed by the negative or the contrary. Examples include, “not a bad player” or “not necessarily”.   In the poem Beowulf, at one point, the narrator implies that Beowulf is so strong that his mighty strength breaks the sword blades in half, so perhaps this particular sword actually saves him for once, as it wasn’t useless.

The answer is “litotes” Litote is a figure of speech, more precisely a figure of thought. It is used to slow down an expression by denying the opposite. It allows us to affirm something through negation. In Litote, the idea that the author wishes to pass is indicated by the denial of the opposite, this causes the speaker to attenuate an idea that could be aggressive, makes certain delicate situations more pleasant.
In this case, the phrase “That [sword] was not useless to the warrior now.” either attenuates the idea that the sword was useful to the warrior.


The correct answer is litotes. Explanation: It is a rhetorical figure, related to irony and euphemism, by which something is affirmed, reduced or contradicted the opposite of what you want to affirm.

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