Sunshine in the Rain meaning?

can someone help me interpret it please? go into more depth or meaning and interpretation

It sounds to me like a song about hope. The character is sad because he finds himself apart from his love way more than he would like. They both lead active lives that take them around the world, but never together. The sunshine in the rain reference to me is a metaphor of the love that shines through even when the world outside seems dark and lonely. He’s asking her if she feels the same love for him that he feels for her when they’re apart. I would say that the character is expressing his desire to settle down with this woman and live a family life. Hope this helps.

Sunshine In The Rain

while its humid out, it relatively is wet or sunny. it could additionally be warm or chilly and nonetheless humid. whether it relatively is 50 tiers and it relatively is a hundred% humidity, it relatively is possibly to be warmer then if there have been no humid. Days the place temperatures that are ninety tiers with humidity feels very sticky.

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