Which word contains the word root that means believe

I believe it would be the Latin word “Cred”.

The word root that means believe is “cred.” This is “believe” in Latin. This word root is used in several common words nowadays. For example, the words “credo” and “creed” refer to a statement of belief. On the other hand, words such as “credible,” “incredible,” “credibility,” “credit” and “credentials” all use this word root and are all related to the concept of “believe.”

The root for Believe is Positivity.      Sorry if i’m wrong hope this helps

A. credential Explanation: Cred means to beleive

Beileve’s root word is be

Answer 6

credential Explanation: The Latin root word cred means “believe.”

Answer 7

Credential Explanation: The root of a word refers to its most basic part (that is, without any affixes) that holds its most basic meaning. The root word of “Credential” is “Cred” which is a Latin word that means “believe.” Other words containing this root word are “credo,” “credit,” “credible,” “incredible,” “incredulously” and “discreditable.”

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credential Explanation:A

credit should be the answer

Incredible, credit, credentials. Cred is the Latin root that means believe.

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