hitler was left handed or right handed?

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Hitler was right-handed. All of the photos I’ve seen of him writing he is using his right hand.
Scroll down on this site to see picture of Hitler writing.

Was Hitler Left Handed

Since he was such the epitome of Germanness (born in Austria) I would imagine he was right handed. Maybe he was naturally left handed and being forced to use his right hand made him crazy. But I doubt it.
But why I’m saying that is as late as the 1960’s, and probably to this day, if a German child is naturally left handed they are made use their right hand, left handed people are considered weird or odd or something and if modern, post-war Germans must ‘conform’ in this way, imagine what it would be like in Nazi Germany.
But of course he would have thrown the rules aside for himself if he had been left handed (like he ignored the fact he was crazy and did not send himself off to the ovens like most mentally ill people were)

Right handed. The best evidence is looking at photo’s of him opening a car door, saluting, and signing things. He used his right hand.

right handed

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He was right-handed, as confirmed by all his biographers. This is an authoritative answer, and was one I learned at the Yahoo! Group below that is full of experts in the area. They can answer any question with authority and documentation.

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yup right handed, i recall seeing in many documentaries, him signing things with his right.

left handed u liars

Apparently he was right handed but why would you care?


ask eva brown…….

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hitler was left handed or right handed?

In recent years, there has been much debate over Hitler’s handedness. Some believe that he was left-handed, while others claim that he was right-handed. So, who is right? And how do they know for sure?

What Evidence is there that Hitler was Left Handed?

There is no definitive proof that Adolf Hitler was left-handed, but there is certainly evidence that suggests this may have been the case. For example, some historians believe that Hitler’s handwriting was relatively poor because he was left-handed. Additionally, photographs and paintings of Hitler often depict him with his left hand positioned lower than his right hand.

However, it’s also worth noting that there is no clear consensus on whether or not Hitler was left-handed. Some experts say that there is little evidence to suggest he was left-handed, while others contend that the circumstantial evidence is compelling. Therefore, it’s ultimately up to each individual to decide whether or not they believe that Hitler was left-handed.

What Evidence is there that Hitler Was Right Handed?

There is no evidence that Adolf Hitler was left-handed. In fact, there is evidence that he was right-handed.

Some historians believe that Hitler was right-handed because of the way he wrote. He was known to use a right hand to write, and his handwriting was typically neat and straight.

Others argue that Hitler was left-handed because of his physical appearance. He had a below-average stature for a man, and some historians believe that this could be attributed to his left handedness.

The Argument for Hitler Being Left Handed

There is a prevailing belief that Adolf Hitler was left-handed, based on several pieces of evidence. First, some historians believe that he was forced to use his left hand due to a gunshot wound to the right arm – an injury which would have rendered him unable to wield a weapon effectively with his right hand. Additionally, there are photographs and artifacts which suggest that he was left-handed. For example, one photograph shows him signing a document with his left hand; another shows him writing with his left hand while holding a pistol in his right.

However, there is also evidence which suggests that Hitler may not have been left-handed at all. For example, a study commissioned by the United States Army Intelligence Corps in 1945 determined that Hitler did not exhibit any significant differences in handwriting between his right and left hands. Additionally, eyewitness accounts from within Nazi Germany during the 1930s and 1940s suggest that Hitler predominantly used his right hand for most purposes. Therefore, it is currently unclear whether or not Adolf Hitler was left-handed – although some evidence supports the belief that he was, while other evidence does not.

The Argument for Hitler Being Right Handed

There is an argument that Adolf Hitler was right-handed. This claim is based on circumstantial evidence and conjecture, but there are some people who think it’s plausible.

The circumstantial evidence for this claim comes from the fact that Hitler never exhibited any physical signs that would suggest he was left-handed. He was apparently extremely efficient with his right hand, and he was known to be a successful orator and political leader.

The conjecture about Hitler’s handedness comes from the fact that many of his political decisions seem to have been geared towards benefiting his right-wing supporters. For example, he banned Jews from prominent positions in the Nazi Party, and he put a heavy emphasis on nationalism and militarism. These policies might have been beneficial to right-handed people, but they were not particularly beneficial to left-handed people. It’s possible that Hitler was right-handed because it helped him achieve these goals more effectively.


There is much debate surrounding whether or not Adolf Hitler was left-handed or right-handed. Some people believe that he was actually ambidextrous, able to use his left hand and right foot equally well. Others contend that he was definitely left-handed and that the way he held a weapon (or wrote) indicated this. The truth likely lies somewhere in between, with evidence pointing to Hitler favoring his left hand for certain tasks. Whether or not you believe that left-handers are evil is up to you; what is indisputable is that there is significant debate surrounding one of history’s most infamous figures and his hands

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