How to Record Karaoke in High Quality [PC/Mac/Mobile] 

Karaoke is a beloved activity for music lovers. Singers can sing along and show their inner vocalist. From performing at home to a karaoke bar, the latest karaoke software enhances your creativity. However, the quality of a karaoke session enhances the overall enjoyment. Therefore, high-quality karaoke recordings become paramount to delivering an unparalleled auditory experience. This article explores the useful ways to record karaoke in high quality across various platforms. Whether you prefer PC or mobile devices, we’ve mentioned detailed steps for every device.  

Feature EaseUS RecExperts Smule StarMaker 
Platforms PC/Mac iOS/Android iOS/Android 
Song Library Extensive Extensive Extensive 
Vocal Effects Yes Yes Yes 
Video Filters Extensive A Few A Few 
Collaborative Features Yes Yes Yes 
Pitch Correction Yes Yes Yes 
Social Sharing Yes Yes Yes 
Quality High-quality recordings Moderate Moderate 

How to Record Karaoke on PC/Mac 

Creating karaoke on PC allows users to show their vocal talents. You can enjoy singing along to your favourite tunes. Make sure to prepare a few things before recording.   

1. Preparations 

  • Choose a Software: Selecting the appropriate recording software is crucial for capturing your karaoke performances effectively. There are several options from basic to advanced software offering various features. Choose a software that meets your compatibility needs.  
  • Set Up Your Microphone: Make sure to capture clear and accurate vocal recordings. A high-quality microphone can enhance the quality of a song. Position the mic correctly.   
  • Use a Pop Filter: Plosive sounds can affect the audio quality; attach a pop filter to the microphone. It minimizes unwanted noise and ensures smooth vocal recordings.  
  • Adjust Audio Settings: Adjust the audio settings to optimize sound quality and minimize background noise. Set the input volume of your microphone to a proper level.   
  • Monitor Latency: Check for any latency issues that can affect your recordings. Adjust the buffer size and settings to minimize latency.  

2. Steps to Record Karaoke on Computer 

EaseUS RecExperts is an advanced audio and karaoke recording software. It can capture high-quality audio recordings on a PC. It offers versatility and flexibility to record audio from various sources. Moreover, EaseUS RecExperts ensures exceptional sound quality. It uses advanced recording technology to deliver crystal-clear audio with minimal distortion. You can show your talents with precision and clarity. The software offers customizable settings that empower users to tailor their recording experience to their preferences by adjusting input levels. Real-time monitoring capabilities enable users to speak along backing tracks without latency. Additionally, EaseUS RecExperts provides built-in editing tools to enhance their audio recordings directly within the software.  

  1. Versatility: You can capture audio from various sources. It provides the flexibility to adapt to your karaoke recording needs.  
  2. High-Quality Recording: The advanced recording technology ensures professional-grade audio recordings. It ensures crystal-clear sound quality and minimal distortion.    
  3. Customizable Settings: Create recordings that suit your preferences with customizable settings. You can adjust audio input levels and fine-tune other parameters to optimize your karaoke recordings.    
  4. Real-Time Monitoring: Enjoy real-time monitoring of your vocals while recording. It allows a seamless karaoke recording experience.  
  5. Editing Capabilities: EaseUS RecExperts offers built-in editing tools to refine your karaoke recordings easily. It enhances your audio tracks directly and eliminates the need for additional editing software.  

Steps to Use 

To create a karaoke track for free using EaseUS Online Vocal Remover, follow these steps:  

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS RecExperts software.   

Step 2. Open the app and select Record Audio on the left panel.   

Step 3. Select the audio source to record, like System sound or microphone.   


Step 4. Open System Sound or Microphone drop-down menu. Select Advanced options, and check the Microphone boost and Microphone noise reduction options. Moreover, you can also set the volume levels.  


Step 5. Tap on REC to start your audio recording.  

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How to Record Karaoke on iPhone/Android 

1. Android 

Smule is one of the most popular and feature-rich apps for Android. It offers an extensive library of songs across various genres and languages to choose from. Users can easily select their favorite tracks and start recording their karaoke performances. One of Smule’s key highlights is its collaborative features. The virtual collaborations allow users to duet with friends and sing with their favorite artists. The app also offers real-time audio effects and pitch correction tools. You can enhance vocal performances and achieve studio-quality recordings. Additionally, Smule provides social networking features to share your karaoke recordings.  

Follow these steps to begin recording karaoke using Smule:   

Step 1. Install Smule app from Play Store.   


Step 2. Open the app and create an account. You can sign up using your social media accounts. 

Step 3. Browse through Smule’s extensive song library and select a song to sing. Tap on the song to open its details page.  


Step 4. Tap the “Start” button to start the recording process. It will display the on-screen lyrics. You can follow the lyrics as you sing.  


Step 5. Grant the necessary permissions to enable recording functionality within the app.  

Step 6. Use a range of audio effects such as vocal effects and reverb settings. Experiment with these effects to customize your sound and improve the quality.   

2. iPhone 

StarMaker offers multiple features to elevate your karaoke experience. It has established itself as a premier singing app recognized by Google Play and Apple Store. The app has an extensive list of songs in various genres. It allows users to choose their favorites and sing along with high-quality backing music and rolling lyrics. Moreover, users can enhance their recordings with a selection of voice effects and video filters. The app continues to evolve with new features, including the option to pick from millions of local and international songs and record karaoke recordings with various voice effects. You can use pitch correction to enhance vocal performance.   

Follow these steps to record your karaoke session using the StarMaker app.  

Step 1. Install the StarMaker app from the Apple Store.    


Step 2. Open the App and tap on the microphone to access the karaoke recording feature.  

Step 3. Select a karaoke song that you’d like to perform.  


Step 4. Tap on “Sing” and choose your performance type. You can choose from a solo, duet, or hook version of the song.  

Step 5. Click on the “Start” to begin the karaoke session. Adjust the audio settings. The instrumental version of the chosen song will start playing.    


Step 6. Sing and record your karaoke performance using the StarMaker app. You can save final recordings for sharing with friends or editing.  

Final Words 

Karaoke allows users to express their talent and sheer enjoyment. the quality of karaoke recordings plays a key role in enhancing the overall experience. With the latest karaoke software, singing along tracks has become easier. It ensures clarity and immersion in the musical journey. This article mentioned the best ways to create karaoke tracks on all types of devices. From selecting a suitable recording software to optimising audio settings, we’ve mentioned detailed steps. If you’re looking for an inclusive tool, EaseUS RecExperts is an ideal choice for achieving professional-grade karaoke recordings. Its intuitive interface and versatile features can capture any karaoke performance with perfection.   

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