what does ba fungul mean in italian?

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i want to know what “ba fungul”, “Ah fanabla” mean in a sicilian translation, and i want to know how to say shut the **** up in sicilian. anyone know?

Ok I am not Sicilian but as far as I can read and hear reading

“ba/va fungul” means “fuc* off”
“Ah fanabla” means “Fannapoli” which more or less has the same sound in Italian as “va fungul”: we normally say it in order not use the real word “afƒᴀɴcuʟo” which means exactly “fuc* off” .
It’s like in English: instead of saying “sh*it” you say “sssssugar”

shut the **** up in Italian is “chiudi il becco – chiudi quella ͼᴀzzo di bocca (this is rude) – tappati la bocca – stai zitto” etc etc……sorry I don’t know in Sicilian

Source(s): Native Italian – Hope it helps

In Italian? Ba Fangul.

Ba fungul is the Americanized version of the Italian cuss word “va-fa-in-culo” Literally it means “go do it in your ***” In short, it’s **** you.

ba fungul means nothing it s vafƒᴀɴcuʟo you are looking for.

That’s meaningless as far as I know. For that, “Zitto!” will suffice.

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cierre la cogida

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i dont think the first two words are actually words but this is how you say “shut the f**k up: cierre la cogida… just know that for future refrence if anyone cus’s you out

Fu.. off

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what does ba fungul mean in italian?

Italian is a Romance language that originated in central Italy. It is the national language of Italy, and is also spoken in some parts of Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Vatican City and Croatia. While most Italians are fluent in Italian, there are also sizable communities of Italian speakers in the United States (especially in New York City), Canada (particularly in Toronto and Montreal), Australia (particularly in Melbourne), Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Spain. In addition to Italian, many Italians can also speak Spanish or Portuguese.

What is Ba Fungul?

Ba fungul is a popular Italian dish made with diced onion, garlic, and bell peppers. It is most commonly cooked in tomato sauce or in a broth. Ba fungul is also used as an ingredient in many other Italian dishes.

How to say Ba Fungul in Italian

Ba fungul is a word meaning “spider.” It is commonly used in Italian to describe something small and creepy. You might say something like, “I found a little spider in my room.”


Thank you for reading our article on what ba fungul means in Italian. In case you weren’t sure, ba fungul is a type of mushroom that is often used in Italian cuisine. If you’re looking to try some delicious Italian recipes incorporating ba fungul, be sure to check out the online resources we mentioned at the end of the article. Thanks again for reading and we hope this information was helpful!

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