How does Instagram Algorithm work in 2022?

How does Instagram Algorithm work in 2022?

Instagram is a large and continuously growing platform and this social media platform has around 2 Billion active users. Multiple users find themselves stuck on them explore page with the same kind of posts appearing repeatedly. It’s all Instagram doing as it has made its goal to show its user the kind of post that they prefer watching. Instagram took this step to make sure that you can enjoy watching the posts that have much more chances of engagement. This new step on Instagram can help you in increasing your followers and the engagement rate of your posts. To do so all you need to do is understand the working of Instagram Algorithms and form a suitable strategy.

Let’s look at the tips that will help you to understand and effectively use Instagram Algorithms in 2022.

Create Small and Fun reels.

Millions of posts are uploaded on Instagram daily, among all those posts reels get the preference as Instagram is continuously promoting Instagram reels. Try creating a lot of reels on regular basis. Posting reels regularly will keep your followers engaged and also help you to attract new people to your page. Instagram algorithms rank reels based on the entertainment that they provide to the viewers. Keeping your reels light-hearted, fun, and entertaining will make them even better. Reels that are too long are not often watched by people till the end so try keeping them short to enhance their visibility. Rapid growth has been observed among the influencers who create and posts reels regularly. 

Choose the right Timing.

A strong ranking point in the Instagram algorithm is interaction. All the likes and comments that you get on your post after a few minutes of posting it are most important because they will play an important role in deciding the engagement rates of your post. To get the maximum number of likes and comments on your content within that short time, your content needs to reach your followers when most of them are active on the platform. If you miss that short time when most of your followers are active then your post can be lost in the vast ocean of posts that are uploaded daily. According to recent studies, it has been found that the best time to post on Instagram is between 2 PM-3 PM on Thursdays.

Interaction through Stories.

At the time of ranking stories, popularity is used as the main ranking signal by Instagram which clearly says that it gives priority to those contents that have tons of interaction. If you want to increase the visibility of your stories on the platform then you need to make sure that your followers and all those who will view your story can intersect with it. You can invite people to interact with your story by using stickers, question poles, and many different features provided by Instagram. Choosing some trending topics to put on your story will enhance engagement to a greater extent. For example, asking some questions through pools on trending topics will encourage people to answer.

Encourage people to Comment. 

The engagement has always been an important signal for ranking content on Instagram. Whether it’s a post or reel or an IGTV video, all are ranked based on engagement. To make your content rank even higher in feeds, reels and explorers then you need to boost the engagement rate of your content. Only likes can not be the reason for your content to be on the explore page, you need to increase the interaction of your content even more significant and that can only be achieved through comments. Making people comment on your post is not that difficult, there are many features provided by Instagram that can help you to do so. Makin an interesting caption that can encourage people to interact with your content can be an easy way to increase the rate of comments on your post. 

Use Hashtags Effectively. 

Hashtags are one of the most important signals for ranking content. You can use popular hashtags effectively to increase engagement on your post, reels, and videos. Many different hashtags are widely popular all over the platform. Using those hashtags will help people to reach your post without much effort. Hashtags will increase the visibility of your post to a large extent and they can also play a very effective role in making your content appear on the explore page. 


Instagram explore page is different for every user as its shows the content that is preferred by each specific user. The specific kind of posts that you often watch, like, and comment on are especially visible on your explore page. To make your content appear on the explore page of your followers and even new users, you need to increase the engagement rate on your post. Several different ways are used you can increase the visibility of your post to the next level.

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