Top 10 Advantages of LED Lighting

Top 10 Advantages of LED Lighting

When you go out for buying a bulb or a tube light, your first preference is for getting a LED lighting tool. Today you will find most of the lighting tools made with LED technology. You can get LED-based tube lights or bulbs anywhere in markets or even online. In fact, these are the most sold bulbs in the whole world. But have you wondered why LED lighting sale online and offline is increasing day by day? Well, this article will help you to know what are the advantages of choosing it over traditional lighting bulbs.

10 Benefits of LED Lighting

Following are the top 10 benefits of using LED light above the traditional light-

Energy efficient

With the use of LED lighting, you could see an improvement in the overall energy efficiency of 60% to 70%. Depending on the type of lights you are replacing, you can see the improvement as high as 90% in some cases. That’s a considerable reduction in the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) you’ll use on your home or office lighting. With recent rises in electricity prices per kWh, even small energy savings per bulb can add up. Thus using it will also save you money.


There is no doubt that if you accidentally drop the box full of traditional bulbs, most of them will break down. However, this is not the case in the case of LED lightning. LED lights are mostly made up of compound semiconductor materials which makes them steady and safe from breaking.

Light up instantly

Traditional bulbs may take up time to light on. Whereas LED will turn on and off instantly, providing instant, bright light no matter how frequently they are turned on and off. This is especially useful if your business operates at all hours. Also, it is a perfect choice when you need to switch on the light in a room full of darkness. It will light up instantly without taking up time.

Can be used creatively

LED lights can emit a variety of colors depending on the compound semiconductor materials used in them. Check the best LED lights on They also have the ability to project colored light into a room without dimming the brightness. However, for traditional bulbs, having a coat of color on them will make them dimmer. Furthermore, LED strip lighting is increasingly being used to make your walls home more beautiful. They are visually appealing and come in a variety of colors. You can easily and inexpensively install it. 

Produces low heat

Have you ever tried to touch the traditional bulbs just after you switch off the bulb? They are strongly heated up and you will not be able to touch them up. This is the opposite of the LED bulb. In fact, when you are using the LED bulb it will not produce any kind of heat or UV radiation. Therefore you can touch a LED light even after using it.


LED technology can significantly reduce carbon emissions. It is because lighting consumes approximately 20% of the world’s electricity, so using a more energy-efficient solution will reduce it. Furthermore, because LEDs do not contain mercury, they are much more convenient and easier to dispose of.

Use low voltage

If your business or your factory is in a place which prone to flood, you definitely should use lights that use low voltage. It may act as a step toward the safety of your staff. Obviously at a time if someone by mistake touch the wire will get a low current with the help of 12 volts than 120 volts.


An LED light only illuminates a 180° area, making LED lighting ideal for downlights in an industrial kitchen, or bathroom. It’s also perfect for lighting artwork because it won’t destroy the artwork and no lighting power will be lost to the back of the light source.

Perform in winter conditions as well

Traditional bulbs do not operate efficiently in winter. During the drop of the winter conditions, they need high voltage to produce electricity. However, LED works more efficiently in winter conditions( almost by 5%). Therefore this is a perfect choice for the cooler areas. Also, the lights that you see in your refrigerators are based on LED technology.


How much longer LED lights last than traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs do not have any fixed estimation. LED lighting has the advantage of lasting up to five times longer than halogen bulbs. However, whatever the exact figure is, this durability is an excellent benefit for your wallet. It is because the light bulbs aren’t cheaper anymore. If you know how many you use in your home or place you’ll have an idea of how much it will cost you to replace them.


In recent times LED bulbs are getting much more popular than traditional bulbs. In fact, there is a rapid increase in LED lighting sale online and offline. This is because there are a lot of benefits of using LED bulbs. They are much more energy efficient than the traditional bulb making them pocket friendly as well. In addition to it, it is also Eco-friendly as it does not have mercury in it. There are many other advantages like long-lasting, using low voltage, turning on instantly, etc which have given popularity to LED bulbs.

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