how much is 1.8 inches on the ruler?

1.8 inches. I don’t get it. Do you want it in centimeters or something? It would be 1 4/5 as a mixed number.

1.8 Inches On A Ruler

You are converting decimal to inches.

According to the chart listed on the site cited below, 1.8 is approximately between = 1 51/64 to 1 13/16 inches.

That would be 1.8 inches dude. Kinda a strange question don’t you think?

It is almost 1 13/16 inches (1 and 12.8/16 inches).

Answer 6

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Take a tap and measure it from top left corner of your screen to bottom right screen.

Answer 7

8/16″=1/8″ top number must be odd

Answer Prime

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