What does the expression “pulling up trees” mean? I’ve seen it in the context of rugby and english football.?

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For example, http://www.thefa. com/GrassrootsNew/League/Postings…

pulling up the trees use to mean moving, as in pulling up roots.

Yes, I know what you mean. I think that often, it’s simply a matter of the context; if a word is used a certain way, it can mean a completely different thing than when it’s used in a different way. Also, some formal words are used as slang words regularly, especially here on Yahoo! Answers. Therefore, the slang definition and the formal definition could give you a completely different meaning. I guess it’s something you simply have to get used to. That’s why I often wish every country spoke the same languages. I’ve known a little Spanish, a little French, a little Italian, and a little Japanese. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of what I knew. But when I was more fluent with them than I am now, I remember hearing some things, and thinking, “What the heck..” because it made no sense. It can be so difficult when you’re not a native speaker. [[[Moon]]]

Pull Up Trees

It means to achieve impressive and significant things.To say someone has not been pulling up any trees means they have done nothing of note.

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What does the expression “pulling up trees” mean? I’ve seen it in the context of rugby and english football.?

When an opposing team intercepts the ball and tries to run it down the field, they are said to “pull up trees”. This expression comes from rugby and English football (soccer). When a team is defending their goal, they line up in a line along the side of the field. If an opposing team manages to intercept the ball while it’s in the air, they can attempt to run it down the field. If they manage to do this, the defending team will try to stop them by “pulling up trees” in order to block the path of the oncoming players.

What is the origin of the term “pulling up trees”?

The expression “pulling up trees” is an old English idiom meaning to work hard. It likely originated from the days when men would pull up trees in order to create shade for themselves. Today, the phrase is still used in both English football and rugby.

What does the expression “pulling up trees” mean?

The expression “pulling up trees” means to waste time and effort. It is often used in the context of rugby and English football.

What are some examples of things that can be done to “pull up trees”?

One example of something that can be done to “pull up trees” is to cut them down. This can be done with a chainsaw or a hatchet. Another example is to dig up the soil around the trees and remove any roots that are in the ground. This can be done with a spade or a shovel.


I’m not sure if I’m understanding this expression correctly, but according to what I’ve read, it seems to refer to a player who is strong and physical enough to pull down opposing players from the tree they are trying to climb. Is that correct? If so, does that mean that the phrase has something to do with rugby or football? If not, could you provide an explanation as to its origin? Thanks!

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