Did Kurt Russell take steroids for ‘Soldier’ movie role?

Don’t get me wrong; my family digs Kurt Russell.

Probally not. But????? I do know somewhat the extint he will go to play a role. He had plastic surgery done to his cheekbones for the 70’s Elvis movie he played in. This was permanent and you can see/tell the difference from before he played ‘Elvis’ to now. He did this because he really wanted the role. First-time Director John Carpenter told Kurt that if he’d have the surgery, not only would he get the role but John would make sure to use Kurt in other movies, just in case the plastic surgery ruined his career. That way Kurt knew for sure he’d still get work. The movie was a success. Kurt went from being a ‘child star’ to a bankable movie star. John did ‘Halloween’ the next year and you know how famous that made him. And keeping to his promise, plus the fact they were now close friends, John has used Kurt several times in his movies. Now you know why

Yes. Russell was 47 years old in 1998. He’s clearly a man with a naturally heavy, mesomorphic musculature, but the physique he presented for Soldier would be at least five years worth of gains for a 30 year old male. At 47, it simply isn’t possible to get into that kind of condition and add that kind of mass in less than a year without some sort of anabolic steroids. Oxalandrone use is a possible explanation; it’s highly anabolic, doesn’t aromatize and isn’t very androgenic… Expensive, but that’s not much of a concern if it helps you land a multi-million dollar leading role.

Kurt Russell Soldier Workout

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Did Kurt Russell take steroids for ‘Soldier’ movie role?
Don’t get me wrong; my family digs Kurt Russell.
And, he’s always been really fit.
However, in the movie ‘Soldier’, he seemed to have gotten huge. Then, in his movie after that, he’s back to normal.
What do you readers think?

since you’ve nvr srsly workd out, most of you wouldn’t know. Even with 12 weeks, eating so many steaks a day that your sick of them, you might gain 5lb of muscle in 3 months. You will get lots of definition, but actually, if you’re seriously lifting, you will lose weight. You have to eat clean constantly, and workout, and take steroids to get that big in a short time.

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I seriously doubt it. He really wasn’t THAT big in the movie. Think about it, if your job was to do nothing but work out for a few months prior to a movie, most could probably do it. It was his JOB to work out. He couldn’t maintain that size, but I would think it highly unlikely that he took (or even needed to take) steroids.

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Executive Decision

If he did its not obvious. Hes buff & athletic but he’s always been this big look back at his films, all he did was get a little leaner. I really doubt he used..

No, I read that he had a trainer who worked out non stop with him to prepare for the movie. After the film, there was no need to continue working that hard and he stopped, as a result, he lost a lot of his muscle definition.


i don’t think he would take steroids…

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