What does the phrase “NEVER KNOWS BEST” mean?

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The first time I saw this was in the show FLCL. Mamimi Samejima smokes a worn cigarette with “Never Knows Best” written onto the paper. I looked for a meaning on the internet but nothing seems to work right.

It sounds like Kazuya doesn’t have a real explanation for it. He saw English written on a cigarette on a postcard, thought it looked cool, and wanted to copy it. He even says “I’m not sure if it has a real meaning or not”. It looked cool. Also he said “There’s a best way, and not everyone can follow it. No one knows the best way.” So Never knows Best could be referring to everyone not knowing the best thing to do a lot of the time. Kazuya also said it reflected Mamimi’s belief that there’s no future. What could be best if there’s nothing to go to? She’s given up on life, he said. It does have a kind of depressing ring to it, in my opinion.

Also it probably doesn’t have a preceding noun cause the guy is japanese. Bad translation maybe? Just sounded cool?

Never Knows Best

This is my guess.
You write the NEVER KNOWS BEST on the cigarette. Light it.
As you smoke it the idea is, well, I am smoking and that isn’t the best idea.
but as it burns, you lose some of that newness and you’re committed, so you know best because you are in.
now that the fire consumes the cigarette, it just says best, and that is all you’ve got, so of course, it has to be the best because no only are you committed, you are at the end.
And that is what Mamimi Samejima’s character is all about,
At first, she never knows best, but she started that fire.
and as she commits to her life, she has to believe she knows best, or better than others.
in the end of her adventure, it’s the best she come realize because it’s the end of the adventure.

that’s what makes sense to me.

I’ve always taken “Never Knows Best” being very similar to Naota’s unwillingness to swing the bat. Meaning that by not doing something, you can never be wrong. So inaction is a way of protecting yourself from failure, hence “Never” (akin to Mother) knows what’s best for you.

Flcl Mamimi

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I think that he wants to say something like “never tastes best”, because in japanese, the words “know” and “taste” have a homograph synonym like in spanish is the word “saber” for “know” and “taste” (in japanese is “ѕнι te” 知って) and he wants to say that the words in the cigarrete mean “never tastes best”.

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Punkrawk nailed it

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What does the phrase “NEVER KNOWS BEST” mean?


If there’s one thing that businesses know, it’s that they need to be constantly learning in order to stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy – especially when it comes to making decisions. Decision paralysis is a real problem for businesses, and it can often lead to bad business decisions. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the phrase “NEVER KNOWS BEST” and see what it really means for businesses. We’ll also talk about some ways that you can combat decision paralysis and make better decisions for your business.

What Does the Phrase “NEVER KNOWS BEST” Mean?

NEVER KNOWS BEST is a phrase that is often used by professionals and others when they are making decisions that could affect other people or the environment. When someone uses this phrase, they are saying that they do not know anything better than the people or the environment, and they should trust that their decision will be the best possible one.

The phrase NEVER KNOWS BEST is often used by people because it is true. We can never know everything, and so it is important to make decisions based on the information we have at the time. Sometimes, our best decisions might not be what everyone else wants us to do, but they might be the best decisions for us and for the people or the environment around us.

Examples of When “NEVER KNOWS BEST” Could Apply

NEVER KNOWS BEST can be a phrase that applies to many different situations in life. It can mean that the best option at a given time is not always the best option, or that no one really knows for sure what the right thing to do is.

Some examples of when NEVER KNOWS BEST could apply include:

1. When making decisions about what to wear, whether it’s for work or social events. It may be tempting to go with what you feel looks good, but often times there are better options out there that will make you look more professional or stylish.

2. When deciding whether or not to go ahead with a plan or proposal. There may be other, better options out there that would save you time and money, but it’s important to weigh all of the pros and cons before making a decision.

3. When choosing between different courses of action in life. In some cases, doing something that seems risky or unpopular may actually be the best move for you – nobody knows for sure what the future holds, and sometimes taking risks is necessary in order to achieve success.


The phrase “NEVER KNOWS BEST” is often used in business to justify making decisions that could be harmful to the company or its employees. This phrase serves as a justification for not taking risks, or for refusing to change course when something goes wrong. The problem with this logic is that it is rarely sustainable over the long term. While it may work in the short term by preventing disaster, it is ultimately dangerous and can lead to stagnation and failure. In order to be successful, businesses must learn to take risks and adapt their strategies when things don’t go according to plan.

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