You are an administrator of a growing network

As the network administrator for a growing company, you’re asked
to solve a remote access dilemma. The 12 employees who work from
home complain about not being connected to the network except by
e-mail. The company also has several employees who travel and would
benefit from remote access connections. The director of marketing
is responsible for part of the cost and wants only the best
solution. Currently, you run a Windows Server 2016 network, and
users want access to all systems. Develop a plan to connect these
remote users. Your solution can involve more than one remote access

The best thing to provide the remote access for all the systems
across the landscape in the company to all the employees is to
setup the Virtual Private Networks(VPN). Because VPN is the best in
provides virtual access from anywhere through the network.
The working of VPN is generally VPN are configured across the
company network and then after we have one VPN client software
needs to be installed in the systems. Once this VPN client is
installed users will get created and provided usernames and
passwords besides this users are given one private key different
for each one. By using this VPN client software users can use the
systems from anywhere in the world.
Because this VPN is already configured in the company network by
simply logging into this VPN client users will get entered into the
company network remotly. Then they can use any system they
In present day’s most of the companies are using this VPN’s only
to give access to its employees, clients etc.

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