Who says this? “I joke, I joke. I kid, I kid!”????

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My boyfriend and I are killing ourselves trying to remember where or what cartoon or show this is from.. Anyone know??

song :
*** like that


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

and or

Its also said in a Eminem Song

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Who says this? “I joke, I joke. I kid, I kid!”????
My boyfriend and I are killing ourselves trying to remember where or what cartoon or show this is from.. Anyone know??

joke joke kid kid

Answer 6

I Kid I Kid

Answer 7

Triumph: That Insult Comic Dog

& Eminem in his song: ssa like that!

Shigure!!! sooooo from Fruits Basket! I LOVE FRUITS BASKET!!! he always goes like ‘i kid i kid!’ and it is sooo funny!

Source(s): www.mangafow.com <–here you can find Fruits Basket manga!

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Who says this? “I joke, I joke. I kid, I kid!”????

In recent years, the term “fake news” has been thrown around a lot. It seems like everyone is concerned about the spread of false information and how it can have a negative impact on society. But is this really a problem?

Background of the Joke

The joke goes that when a person says “I joke, I joke. I kid, I kid!” they are actually serious. The joke originates from when people would use this phrase as an excuse to not take something seriously. For example, a person might say “I’m just joking, don’t get mad at me!” when they mean to do something that is actually wrong.

There are many variations of the joke, but the most common one is about someone who is serious about their jokes not being taken seriously. Another variation of the joke is about someone who is not very good at making jokes and still tries to use the phrase as an excuse.

Criticism of the Joke

Those who criticize the use of jokes in particular situations may be right, but they are also missing the point. Jokes can be a way to break the ice and make friends. Furthermore, they can be used as a form of self-care.

For example, when I was feeling down, my friend would tell me a joke and I would laugh. It made me feel better and lifted my spirits. I think that’s why jokes are so popular – they can make us feel good!

Jokes can be an important part of our lives, and we should use them sparingly but wisely. After all, “I joke, I joke. I kid, I kid!”

Explanation for Why the Joke Was Made

Humor can be a way to diffuse tension or put a positive spin on difficult situations. It can also be used as a coping mechanism or an expression of individuality. For some people, joking is an innate skill that allows them to connect with others.

When making a joke, it’s important to consider the context in which it will be used. Jokes that are intended to be funny in one situation may not be received well in another setting. For example, a joke about bombing someone could be considered inflammatory and likely to cause offence. Conversely, a joke about being clumsy might be seen as endearing and funny.

It’s also important to ensure that your jokes are appropriate for the audience you’re targeting. Jokes that are likely to offend religious or ethnic minorities may not find much approval from their targets. Likewise, jokes about sensitive topics (such as sexual orientations) should only be made if they’re comfortable for both the speaker and listener.

In the case of the joke at hand, it’s safe to say that most people would see it as harmless banter between friends. Nevertheless, there are always going to be those who take offence no matter how innocuous the joke may seem.

What Does This Mean for Us?

If you ever find yourself saying “I joke, I joke. I kid, I kid!” to cover up your true feelings, then you might want to think about whether or not that’s really the best way to go. Jokes are usually meant to be funny and lighthearted, but if they’re coming out of your mouth when you’re feeling angry or upset, they can actually do more harm than good.

When we say something sarcastically or in a joking manner, it often comes across as less sincere. It makes it harder for the other person to take us seriously, because they know we’re not really serious about what we’re saying. This can lead to disagreements or even fights that could have been avoided if we’d simply communicated our feelings in a straightforward way.

So next time you find yourself using a joke as a way of avoiding an uncomfortable conversation, try taking a step back and evaluate whether or not it’s really the best solution. If you can’t find another way to deal with the situation, at least try communicating your feelings in an honest and direct way – that’ll hopefully be more effective than joking around

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