What is Generic HTool.b and how can I remove it?

What is Generic HTool.b? It’s a trojan apparently, but the website I looked on didn’t give me any info other than then telling me that it’s a trojan. McAfee picks it up, but it never gets it removed, it always gives me this message: “Some programs could not be fully removed”. Something along the lines of that.

It’s a Trojan.
Avira antivirusis will remove this:

Also try the following:
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:
Download, install, update and select Full Scan.
Remove all infections that it finds after scan.

A-Squared Free:
This is not a limited version but a full tool to clean your computer from Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Backdoors, Worms, Dialers and Keyloggers.
How to use:

Trojan and Worm Remover:
The program will work for a full 30 days, after which it will expire.
More details:

Its a trojan and to remove it you can read the article below. It explains what is a trojan and how to remove it.

This is a good link for downloading Avira Free Antivirus for free http://bit.ly/1r2fWlD
It’s the best choice.

You must boot up in safe mode ( using F8 ) in order to remove it.

Boot up in safe mode and scan again.

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