Who is Rocky Mozel of the Star Registry?

Commercials say they are going to title a star after you

Is that this a superb deal or what? Take into consideration this….there is no such thing as a draw back. Acquire cash, despatched a faux cetificate to a dope and declare a brand new star in Alpha Centuri is called Dorotha. What a rip-off

Rocky Mozell

I’ve began a sand registry. For $150 I’ll title a grain of sand after you from any ocean seaside world wide and supply real authentication papers.

There’s nothing in opposition to the regulation with you sending cash off to somebody who sends you again a fancy-lookin’ sheet of paper that claims(wink-wink, nudge-nudge)there is a star named after you or a liked one. A authorized rip-off, that is what it am.

AND …… he has an advert on WHME RADIO ….a supposed CHRISTIAN radio

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