Shia LeBeouf any relation to Sabrina LeBeouf?

Is Shia LeBeouf related to Sabrina Lebeouf who played Saundra on the Cosby show?

No – Shia is an only child and her name is spelled Sabrina Le Beauf, not LeBeouf. And anyways, Shia’s last name is LaBeouf, with an a, not an e.
So; their name’s are spelled;
Shia LaBeouf
Sabrina Le Beauf

No, because that’s not how you spell Sabrina’s last name. Shia was also raised as an only child when he grew up in Los Angeles.


I don’t know but I’ve always wondered that.

well- accroding to their IMDB pages- their names aren’t spelled the same.

Answer 6

No he’s an only child.

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