What does the saying “as hopeless as a penny with a whole in it” mean?

I’ve heard this saying in a couple of songs and do not perceive why a penny with a gap in it’s synonymous with being hopeless. What’s the origin of this saying?

A penny with a gap in it’s nugatory as a result of you may’t spend it, so it’s hopeless – there is no assist for it because you clearly cannot repair the opening within the penny. That is what it means. I do not know the origin although – sorry! Will look it up first and I will get again to you if I discover it.

For those who solely have a penny , then you’ve got mainly nothing. To have a penny with a gap in it implies that you actually don’t have anything. You’ll be able to’t purchase something with a penny. Its like being shot within the head with out your mind your useless.

A penny with a gap within the middle holds no worth in any respect. So, there is no such thing as a hope for that penny each having worth.

A penny with a gap in it’s price nothing…

Effectively, if a penny has a gap in it, it’s not authorized tender (cash) any extra so you may have it nevertheless it does you no good. It does not let you spend it.

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to discover a penny with a gap in it’s suppose to make sure good luck. Then a track come out and now it means hoplessness

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you may’t use a penny with a gap in it so clearly it’s nugatory. You cant repair it.

trigger a penny with an entire in it’s nugatory anyway. like nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

truly the phrase is…
“as WORTHLESS as a penny with an entire in it.”

whomever instructed you the phrase, stated it fallacious.


a penny itself is fairly nugatory, and that is true”er” when it is acquired an entire in it….

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