are will ferrell and wayne rogers related in relality?

theres a resembalance, are they brothers or father and son/

Will Ferrell’s parents are both from Roanoke Rapids, North Dakota and Ferrell is of Irish ancestry. Wayne Rogers was born in Birmingham, Alabama and his full name is William Wayne McMillan Rogers III. Rogers has been running his investment firm Wayne Rogers & Co., for years now and has left the actor field although he does occasionally appear on Fox News programs as a commentator. There is no indication that they are related but they do have a similar look although Rogers would probably win in the looks department.

Humm I’m a huge MASH fan and I’v never notice that. I always wondered if Will Ferrell was somehow related to Mike Farrell but I guess you just answered that question. I’ll have to pay more attention next time I watch MASH and see.

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