Where is the portal to Stormwind from Ebon Hold? (Death Knight)?

I have a lvl 58 DK, and when I did the last DK quest, I took a portal to SW (You could also take one to Orgrimmar) And then, I learned the spell “Death Gate” so I could return to Ebon Hold. But now when I returned the portal isn’t there, not the one to Org. either. The only exit is a flying master. And I don’t want to pay 32s and fly for 15 minute every time im going to learn new spells and runeforge, HELP PLEASE!

There are no more portals after you do that quest. What I recommend is getting a hearthstone from the innkeeper in Stormwind and setting your home location as there. That way, when you go to Ebon Hold you can easily hearth back.
However, for this time you will need to take that flight path, no way around it,

Portals In Stormwind

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