Where is or was Tettsford Junction?

From the book:Love’s Long Journey
Author: Janette Oke

Reviewer Comments: Missie and Willie LaHaye journey westward to pursue their dreams. Their excitement isn’t dimmed by the bustling, muscle-jarring, dusty wagon train. But Missie’s emotions yo-yo between jubilance to be on their way and sadness when she thinks about how long it will be before she sees her family again . . . if ever. Although young and healthy, the demands of months on the trail wear on them both. The members of the wagon train face many hardships during their trek—heat that drains them; rain and mud that mires down the animals and wagons; floods that delay their travels; and mishaps, illness and even death that ends some dreams prematurely. But the journey also is filled with the joy of new friendships and Willie’s delight when Missie reveals that they are expecting a baby. As they near the end of their trip, the pending birth of their little one forces Willie and Missie to make some tough decisions. They wrestle with what’s best for their coming baby as their land will be a week’s journey from Tettsford Junction, the nearest town. Could they make the trek back in time for the baby’s birth? Or should Missie stay a few months in Tettsford where a doctor is available while Willie goes on to establish their ranch, build a sod house, a bunkhouse, a cook shack and corrals for the cattle they plan to buy? Eventually, the LaHayes reach their property and begin the arduous task of settling the land. Working together they strive for their goals and discover new dreams to pursue. Janette Oke will continue to delight readers with this story about the second generation of the Davis family.

Tettsford Junction

Somewhere between Tettsville and Tetts river crossing?

A fake town out west . If you went you need a wagon train. But dont close your eyes you will miss it.

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