What does 10/9C mean?

CSI Miami said that it would be on 10/9C and I checked the TV Guide and it said it would be on at 10PM PST…wth?

Learn something and draw your own conclusion:

Zones used in the contiguous U.S. From east to west, these zones are:

Eastern standard time zone: (EST; UTC-05; Zone R), which comprises roughly the states on the Atlantic coast and the eastern two thirds of the Ohio Valley.

Central standard time zone: (CST; UTC-06; Zone S), which comprises roughly the Gulf Coast, Tennessee Valley, and Great Plains.

Mountain standard time zone: (MST; UTC-07; Zone T), which comprises roughly the states that include the Rocky Mountains.

Pacific standard time zone: (PST; UTC-08; Zone U), which comprises roughly the states on the Pacific coast, plus Nevada.

10 Eastern
9 Central
8 Mountain
7 Pacific

If you are in the eastern Time Zone it is at 10:00, if you are in the central Time Zone it will be at 9:00. I live in Texas which is in the Central Time Zone so shows are always on earlier.

MEANS THE SHOW comes on at 10:00 central time ( which is 9:00 central time) the C stands for central time.

10pm Est To Mst

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