On imgsrc.ru some albums are password protected and have “EZ pass”. What does this mean?

I would like to know what the password would be if it is “EZ” or “easy”. I checked the FAQ but I did not understand what they said.

It means probably that you need to have an account with EZ Pass, which is probably a company of some sort.

Source(s): www.ezpass.com/

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I am not much into Greatest Hits packages if that is what you mean by compilations… I enjoy the full length versions of songs that I like and often times I find tracks on a CD or LP that are not the popular ones to be very rewarding and truer representation of a band. If by compilation you mean things like NOW 458! Then no, I don’t enjoy things like that too often. Occasionally a good compilation will allow people to pick up some one-off or even one hit wonder songs with out having to purchase 17 different discs or protected downloads. As far as Live albums go… Yes I love them. Often a live version of a song will blow the studio version right out of the water. I enjoy the spontaneity and freedom of a live performance. I attend quite a few concerts and shows throughout that year and I am not one of those people that just wants to hear it played the same as on the record or CD… I could stay home and listen to those all I want. Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, the Doors… Metallica…. these kinds of bands bring something unique to each performance and if you are lucky enough to be at the venue then you are sharing an experience with the band… that is awesome to me. Listening to the pain in Kurt Cobain’s voice during Nirvana’s Unplugged performance… that live version of “All Apologies” is far superior to the studio version found on In Utero…

Img Src Ru

EZ = easy, usually the pass is 12345 or qwerty

password for EZ SPI?

Answer 6

Unfortunately I do not have the right answer at the time, but I believe
many people who are accessing this site may be at serious risk,
especially if they are not using a potent anti-virus.

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I have found tons of passwords for the site on http://www.imsrcru-passwords.com/

i know this is years past and the website no longer exists but u picked the worst answer as the best answer…i bet if u look back at this question you will be thinking was i really this stupid 5 years ago.

Possibly, however I’m not convinced



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