What You Should Know Before Starting An MBA 

Are you considering taking an MBA and want to know what to expect? Maybe you are unsure if it is the right choice and want to know more? No matter your questions, we have the answers for you. 

Today, our brief guide will answer all your questions about an MBA, so you can decide if it is the right choice. 

What Is An MBA?

An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, is a master’s degree course most universities offer. You can study in-person or online as you learn practical business principles that will prepare you for the workplace. An MBA aims to develop strategic, analytical, and financial skills to help you become an innovative leader, managing your own or other businesses. 

An MBA is an excellent stepping stone to further study or career progression, providing you with access to higher-paid jobs or promotions. 

What Will I Learn For An MBA?

What you will learn in an MBA varies depending on your chosen course. Several online course providers offer MBAs, along with physical universities, giving you plenty of choice. Typically, an MBA focuses on developing your skills to help you become an innovative leader who can think practically and offer creative solutions to aid the business. 

Modules vary from course to course, but typically, the following are offered: 

  • Business ethics and sustainability 
  • Marketing management
  • Strategic management
  • Financial analysis
  • Business visualisation and analytics
  • Human resource management
  • Organisation change management
  • Managing innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Performance management and rewards 

There might also be elective modules you can choose from that will allow you to specialise, such as small business or corporation-based modules. You might also have the option to complete a research module, where you would pick a topic, conduct research, and submit your findings in an essay. This could be researching specific business ethics trends or how companies adapt their human resource management to benefit employees. 

Your course catalogue will detail the modules offered and summarise what you will learn throughout the course, helping you select the right one. 

How Will I Learn On An MBA?

How you will learn on an MBA depends on the course you choose. In-person MBAs are taught through lectures, workshops, and seminars, where you learn about business strategies and essential practices. Collaborative work is often part of an MBA, with group projects and presentations as part of your learning experience. 

Online MBAs feature more independent work, with lectures and other resources available for you to access whenever you want. This allows you to study during the hours that suit you, especially if you work or have caring responsibilities. There might be some workshops or collaborative work, but this will depend on how flexible your online course is. 

Case studies are typically used during an MBA to practise applying your knowledge to real-life studies. Depending on your course, you might have a placement in a business where you can see how they operate and how the practices you are studying are used in real life. 

What Skills Will I Gain On An MBA?

An MBA will provide you with many skills, especially leadership ones. The skills you gain will vary depending on the content the course covers, but typically, you can expect to gain and develop the following skills: 

  • Communication 
  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinking 
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving 
  • Management skills
  • Interpersonal and emotional intelligence 

How Will I Be Assessed On An MBA?

How you are assessed on your MBA varies depending on the course. Exams, coursework, presentations, and group work are typically used to determine in-person MBAs. You might also be given case studies where you will create a response, usually in an essay or report form, showing how you would handle the situation. 

Online courses are assessed with exams and coursework, usually independently and without group work. You might also be asked to give a presentation, but this depends on how interactive your course is. There might be questions given throughout the modules that you will answer to assess your understanding as the course progresses. 

Your course catalogue will contain guidance about the types of assessments on the course, and your course leader will keep you updated with any deadlines throughout your course. 

Final Thoughts 

An MBA is a beautiful course that can help prepare you for the business world or hone your skills for career progression. The skills you gain can be transferable, allowing you to step into management or leadership roles and strategic roles to aid businesses. 

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