Is there a difference between a P.O Box and a P.O. Drawer, and if so, what’s the difference?

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I sometimes see people put a “P.O. Drawer” as their mailing address. Do they really get a drawer? Or is it just a fancy name for a P.O. Box? If there really is a difference, how do you qualify for a drawer rather than a box?

A drawer is bigger — and costs more. If you get a lot of mail, you may need one.

I think the difference is a post office box is located inside the actual post office whereas a post office drawer might be at a postal annex like MailBoxEtc, or other store, that has a place for your mail and might be larger than a normal mail box.

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Is there a difference between a P.O Box and a P.O. Drawer, and if so, what’s the difference?

As you may know, a P.O. Box is a physical address that can be used to send mail. A P.O. Drawer, on the other hand, is a filing cabinet that’s often found in businesses or warehouses. If you want to get in touch with someone who uses a P.O. Box, you can do so by sending them an email from their address, or by going to their website and looking for the contact form there.

What is a P.O Box?

A P.O. Box is a type of address that is used in the United States and Canada. It is an alternative to a P.O. Drawer, which is an address used in other countries.

A P.O Box typically has the Post Office’s name and address on it, but it may also have the name of the individual or company who owns the box. It can be used for mailing letters, packages, and documents.

There is no real difference between a P.O Box and a P.O Drawer other than their use and location. A P.O Box can be found in both rural and urban areas, while a P.O Drawer is typically found only in urban areas.

What is a P.O. Drawer?

A P.O. Drawer is a mail receptacle located in the front lobby of a post office. The drawer has slots for envelopes, and is used to deliver mail that has been sorted according to the ZIP code of the address.

The Difference between a P.O Box and a P.O. Drawer

There is a big difference between a P.O Box and a P.O. Drawer, and both have their own specific advantages and disadvantages.

A P.O Box is a physical address that’s used to receive mail, whereas a P.O. Drawer is an online account where people can deposit or withdraw cash, checks, or money orders.

The main benefit of using a P.O Box is that it provides an extra layer of security for your mail since it’s not accessible by just anyone who has the address. It’s also easier to track your mail because it’s physically stored at the post office.

However, using a P.O Box can be inconvenient because you have to visit the post office often to check your mail, and you may have to pay extra fees for this service. Additionally, if you want to use your P.O Box for business purposes, you may need to get special permission from the post office.

The main disadvantage of using a P.O Box is that it can be difficult to find in busy areas since they tend to be located near major streets and businesses. In addition, many people don’t use


There is a difference between P.O Boxes and P.O. Drawers, but the main difference is that a P.O. Box is used for shipping packages to a physical address, while a P.O. Drawer is used for sending packages to an online address (usually via the mail service). Both options have their benefits and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right one for your business based on your specific needs and requirements.

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