What happened to Travis Barker that made him choose music over bodybuilding?

Did something really happen to him or was it justa story made up by Boost Mobile?

Just a story…. like a “what if”. The same with the Fat Joe commercial for boost mobel.. It is just trying to show you what a cell phone can do and how it can change your life…. All fictional comedy.

I think it’s terrible. It’s weird how the only ones people actually cared about survived while the poor others didn’t. Looking at pictures of the crash, it’s amazing that either of them are still even alive (Hopefully it stays that way!). This was a terrible week. And considering Blink is one of my all time favorite bands and travis is like one of my 3 heroes (the other two being John Lennon and Spiderman) I REALLY hope they recover.

Boost Mobile!!!! ya right who knows why he choose the life direction but him and the people who were with him at the time.

Who knows maybe he had a girlfriend and she didn’t like him the way he was.

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