What kind of pop tarts have pork gelatin?

Ok so can you please give me a list of pop tarts that have pork or beef gelatin. Or just tell me: Do hot fudge sundae pop tarts have pork or beef gelatin, and does cookies n cream poptarts have pork or beef gelatin. Please help. I cannot eat pork because it’s against my religion and I really need to know. Thanks

I’m not aware of any pop tart varieties (of the Kellogg’s brand, anyway) that contain pork gelatin. The frosted Kellogg’s pop tarts contain beef gelatin in the frosting. The unfrosted ones contain no gelatin.
This is a letter from Kellogg’s customer service:
While some Kellogg’s products do contain pork gelatin, pop tarts are not one of them.

Gelatin In Poptarts

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