what does the expression “if you’ll have me” mean?

It is most often said in a romantic relationship, “if you’ll have me” is like “if you’ll accept me”, meaning “if you are willing to stay with me for who I am”…

For example, if someone proposes they might say something like “I want to be with you forever, if you’ll have me”… “I want to be with you forever, as long as you are willing to stay with me”…

It could also be used as a way of asking for forgiveness, in a situation where someone is trying to reconcile with their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife they might say “I want to get back together with you, if you’ll have me (back)” … as in “if you are willing to take me back (accept me) after what I have done to you”…

This phrase is often used in association with marriage proposals, meaning, “if you will take me as your husband,” but can also be used in less formal circumstances.

If You Will Have Me

I want you if you’ll have me.AKA I want to f#ck you.

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