what does growing up in a summer haze mean?

what does

A summer haze makes you think of an idyllic summer day, sitting in a deckchair,bees buzzing,a drink to hand and all is well with your world.
So growing up in a summer haze is a way of saying you had an idyllic childhood.

Haze Definition

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what does growing up in a summer haze mean?
what does
(growing up in a summer haze mean)

Just use your imagination! What would a hazy summer look like? Just search for summer haze photography. Very beautiful and popular style. Summer break is usually when school children are out having fun, running about without a care in the world, and trying out things in general.

Haze is a phenomenon of dry air, mist formation, humid air and factors of dust and smoke and pollution. It is most noticed in the summer, which impaires visibility to see clearly (aka smog)
Summers in Los Angeles is a good example of summer haze.
I grew up with the Purple Haze of Rock N Roll.

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It’s not a common figure of speech, that has a universally recognized meaning. So it will mean whatever the writer intends it to mean, and may refer to simply having a childhood that took place in a warm humid place, or place known for its sultry summers. But you’d have to ask the writer.

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