Black Lagoon Revy Shower scene?

What episode is it when Rock Wakes up revy in her underwear, and it that the same episode that shew is in the shower?

Okay, great, cause I just finished black lagoon a week ago. They’re not in the same episode.
When rock wakes her up, was in Season 1, episode 11
Revy’s shower scene is in Season 3, (RBT), Episode 2

Source(s): Like I said, just watched it.

Black Lagoon Revy Shower

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So far in the 9 volumes & 71 chapters I’ve read (latest released by scanlators), there hasn’t been anything close to “getting together” between Revy & Rock. It’s at a standstill left off at the 2nd season of Black Lagoon, as they both know they’re living dangerous lives in Roanapur & don’t really progress into “romance” beyond that. Nor do I think there ever will be any progress as the Black Lagoon is strictly an action series with bits of philosophy thrown in (are there really good / bad guy? Can the world be defined as black & white, or is it just mixes of grey?).

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Black Lagoon Revy Shower scene?
What episode is it when Rock Wakes up revy in her underwear, and it that the same episode that shew is in the shower?

Black Lagoon and Revy especially are my favorites, hand’s down. However, I don’t think they got together in Japan and think she was just messing around with Eda to keep her guessing. This is more so confirmed during the shower / after shower scene when Revy and Rock are in her apartment talking…even though she’s topless and Roc ALMOST isn’t phased by her, he still gets a brief weird look on his face. While that can be chalked up to the Japanese courtesy still living within him, it’s more likely something that did in fact bug him deep down; but because he knows Revy, better than anyone in my opinion, he simply takes her for who she is. (Earlier in the series when she refers to him as family, I believe that’s as far as she’d ever see it – even though there are other signs that, albeit slowly but surely, they do get closer than anyone else in the crew. For example the cigarette lighting in the backseat from one lit cigarette to another and both in their mouths…I’m certain that’s meant for the audience/readers to see, no matter how small she does at least progress a little bit in getting closer to Roc than anyone else she’s been around over the years.) But she would have come out of the shower dressed with just her panties and a towel over her [WONDERFUL] ҍօ.օҍs no matter WHO might have been in the room. She just doesn’t care enough to let humility affect her in that way. Her pride isn’t with her body or pretty face – it lies with her work ethic, the Lagoon Company and in being known far and wide as “Two Hands”. A brutal and merciless killer – first. As a woman with emotions, feelings, worldly cares (outside of money) – dead LAST. Also, even though there are a couple “love” or relationship tangents in the series, Black Lagoon wasn’t created as the type of story where her character, or even Roc’s, would have a love interest pop up at some point, including between them. Though personally, I would have truly enjoyed a small, quick “mini-arc” or filler episode or two, that allowed them to get together. We can see from the very beginning, Revy is closed off from the outside world to the Nth degree – and she DEFINITELY isn’t opening her heart to anyone. But to see her gain a little humanity, not to mention some happiness that didn’t require her to commit a murder (LOL) having her let Roc into her own little world would have done a lot to add more dimension to her character. She didn’t need it of course and was perfect, 100% for the series. But it wouldn’t have hurt anything either to give her that little extra ‘something’ just to get her away from sheer, emotionless, robotic killer. I would have loved it if they hooked up – but I really don’t think that’s what we’re supposed to take away from the story at that point. (Although I’m sure Roc woulld jump on the chance in a frickin’ heartbeat if she offered!!) heh heh heh Or that’s my 2 cents anyway.

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