Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley question…?

In spite of an expression of defeat, what is the predominant emotional tone of the poem?

the predominant emotional tone of the poem is that of hope and expectation.the poet has strong belief in the massive god like strength of the west wind that can play the role of a destroyer and preserver at the same time.he just wants to share it’s strength by becoming it’s trumpet so that he can spread his thoughts all over the world for the mankind’s own good as a poet ia an unacknowledged legislator of mankind.

Well I studied this poem last year…The poet wants to feel the speed of the Wild West Wind.
He wants to feel the strength so that he can carried on the misfortune he has experienced in his life.
And he wants to be as impulsive as the West Wind, because a heavy weight of time has fallen upon his shoulders, and he doesn’t want to be weak. In the last two stanzas, he talks about his philosophical thoughts. He wants his words to be spreaded to the world like an unextinguished fire scattering ashes and sparks. He feels that the world will change when it accepts his thought’. ‘If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?’, means that, maybe it may take ages for people to accept the truth but finally it will prevail in the minds of everyone. It also means that, good times is followed after bad times.

Source(s): Grade 10 english literature book.

I had to memorize this poem! I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now because of its egocentricity. The last line has become a cliche to which we are supposed to answer “no.” But let me answer the poet differently: If winter comes, Spring may never come again; it could be the beginning of the newest Ice Age.

This one is pure British, pure Romantic, pure Shelley. He is a classically educated aristocrat. The overall tone is egomaniacal. He’s telling us that, for the benefit of mankind, his words should be spread across the globe by the four winds.

The Romantics are just that. They want us to understand that life is fleeting and that time spent on anything less than love and poetry is time wasted. They hold ideals above pragmatism. They want to fight wars for freedom and drink wine.

mood of ode to the west wind

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Don’t believe that is true

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what’s confusing you about the title? could you be more specific?

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