I need a purple team cheer?

Can the cheer be long plz? We are going against different teams (pink,black and white, red, orange…. etc) and we need a cheer. If you could give me a cheer that mentions all the other colors too that would be great. Thanks

The purple team is best
way better than all the rest
pink,black,red orange white
there is no reason to even fight
P. U. R. P. L. E.
were the team that will succeed!
GO Purple!

uhh sorry if you dont like it- i made this up in about a minute

Source(s): cheerleader

Purple is our color.
We are better than the others.
We got the spirit lets hear it!
We rise to the top.
Purple will never Stop.
Orange, Pink, Red, White, and Black, Your teams may as well step back!

Source(s): i just made this upp, based on my past cheers…im a cheerleader

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