What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Ready to harness the power of AI? Virtual reality (or VR) and generative AI (or genAI) hold incredible potential within the world of immersive learning. With VR, users can experience simulated real-world or imaginative experiences through specialized headsets. These headsets can track head (and sometimes body) movements, helping fully immerse users within the digital world.

Generative artificial intelligence can autonomously create new content based on learned patterns from large datasets. This technology can be used to generate everything from images and text to entire songs!

Generative AI has amazing applications, especially when it comes to learning. Entire training or educational scenarios can be generated and then used to educate and train.

How Can VR Assist with Employee Training?

Virtual reality and AI are revolutionizing the way that people learn, and this is especially true within the workplace! Both offer many valuable advantages for employees and the companies that they work for. Here are five practical ways these technologies can help your employees train more effectively:

1. Employees Can Train With Realistic Simulations

In the past, many training scenarios have consisted of little more than a boring computer simulation or printed employee manual or handbook. Thanks to VR, this is no longer the case– your workers can now engage in lifelike simulations of various scenarios, even complex ones like machinery operation or a customer de-escalation. This hands-on experience provides incredibly realistic situations, helping employees gain experience and build confidence in dealing with challenges.

2. VR Cultivates a Safe Learning Environment

On-the-job training can be stressful, especially when workers may not have a lot of extra time to step away from their duties and train someone new. With a simulated virtual reality environment, employees have the opportunity to make mistakes and learn in a safe environment with no impact to the business.

Virtual reality training can be particularly useful for training in high-risk industries like healthcare and manufacturing. It also allows employees to focus on their soft skills development and receive important feedback in a safe context.

3. Adaptive Learning At Work

One of the best features of VR is that it is adaptive. Your employees can be assigned personalized learning experiences that cater to their individual learning needs or styles. In addition, if a particular employee needs extra training in a particular situation, genAI can create a customized learning scenario for them. This helps to ensure that employees receive the training necessary to excel in their role.

4. Expanded Remote Training Options

Thanks to virtual reality, employees no longer need to come into the office or even work in the same location to train! With this technology, your workers can simply put on the headsets and train and learn from home. VR enables remote employees to participate in the same training program, bridging geographical gaps and ensuring learning synchronicity.

5. Virtual Reality Provides Engagement and Motivation

No one likes clicking through a bland computer slideshow or trying to find key information in a thick employee manual. Immersive VR experiences help hold your workers’ attention better than traditional methods, thus increasing engagement and helping them retain important training information. They’ll retain information better than traditional methods and will also be better prepared, thanks to the dynamic learning environment.

Step Into The Future of Training 

Through virtual reality, the face of employee training and onboarding may look very different ten, or even five years from now. This shift to virtual training is not met with unwarranted praise. Through realistic training simulations, expanded reach for remote training, and safer training for critical processes, virtual reality employee training may just revolutionize the way you onboard.

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