Where to land, who to play and how to ensure the best rank in Apex Legends

If you play Apex Legends, then, as in all projects in the battle royale genre, you must take into account the landing and starting points of the match, shooting and weapon mechanics, the agent system and the ability to survive as long as possible with the ability to make kills and then your boosting in Apex Legends will progress much faster.

Drop off point

In games where you need to survive and outlast your enemies in the battle royale genre, the place you choose to land and start the game plays a very important role.

There are three types of zones in which you can land to start the game, regardless of the game map you choose.

Cities and major areas

These are places where many players always land because these areas always have a large amount of equipment, which means there are guaranteed to be weapons and gunplay fun.

The most experienced and adventurous players can take part in such battles, where the outcome will depend on your speed of action, caution, skill in shooting and collecting resources, as well as luck.

The advantage of such a landing is the fun and the opportunity to train spontaneous skills in killing and collecting resources.

The disadvantage of such a landing is that you can often die and sacrifice your boost in Apex and constantly look for a new match.

Small areas with a couple of buildings

This is a safer landing format because large numbers of players do not often fly to such buildings, but at the same time they always have several options for equipment and weapons that can be used in battles.

You just need to land and find a weapon as quickly as possible in case there are enemies nearby, or in the same location.

Next, you only need to wait for the first narrowing of the playing area and move into a circle, which will immediately indicate the maximum radius of the combat zone.

Single buildings

These are the safest from the point of view of collecting items, but at the same time unfavorable places in terms of the playing area.

Often in such places there are few containers and if you are not lucky right away, then you will have to take a number of actions in order to change your equipment.

The second disadvantage is that such places are often far from the center of the map and if you are unlucky with the first circle, then you will be required to travel long and quickly to a safe zone with the risk of meeting an enemy on your way.


You need to look for weapons of good quality that can immediately inflict strong damage on the enemy and at the same time find important accessories that will help improve accuracy, rate of fire, aiming at medium and long distances, and camouflage shooting using a silencer or flash suppressor.

Each container contains random weapons of varying rarity, with the best options being the Mythic and Legendary types, which are outlined in purple and orange.

Look first for assault and sniper weapons, which allow you to fight at any distance.

If at the beginning of the match it makes no difference what weapon to use and the main task is only to survive in the first battles, then in the future it is better to abandon pistols, shotguns and other unreliable weapons.

To successfully boost in Apex Legends, you need to have two types of weapons, and it is desirable that one of them allows you to eliminate targets at all distances.

Sniper weapons help to catch enemies who are in a hurry to run to a safe zone and neglect cover and their safety.

You can also destroy enemies who are in a hurry to collect air drops.

The assault rifle is a versatile weapon that retains aim and power at any distance, even in close combat, or vice versa at long ranges, especially when using a good scope and stabilizer.


Don’t forget to collect and use grenades to change the situation on the battlefield.

You can throw grenades at your enemy to deal damage, or destabilize your opponents’ positions, preventing them from firing or having a stable view.


Apex Legends has a large selection of agents that complement the battle royale experience and give each hero unique interactions in the battle zone.

You can choose the simplest and safest heroes who can restore or regenerate health themselves, use protection, or create ammunition.

You can choose attacking heroes who will use drones, or aim artillery to deal damage in a certain area to all enemies who find themselves in it.

You will be able to use scouts who will go into invisibility and observe the territory, install beacons to track movement, tracker skills to analyze enemy tracks, or launch combat and reconnaissance drones.

Heroes for beginners

Lifeline is a combat medic and drone master, generates first aid kits and raises allies to their feet without his own hands.

Octane – moves quickly and regenerates his health whenever he is not in battle.

Gibraltar is a master of shielding against direct damage and all-round defense, and at the same time can always direct an artillery strike at enemies in a certain area.

Rafe – can disappear from the battlefield at any time, and only a few players will be able to see him in this state. At the moment the skill is active, you will not be able to shoot, but at the same time you will be safe.

Bangalore is a master of artillery and smoke screens that can be used in battle. This is a full-fledged attacking hero who can activate the movement acceleration effect at any time.

Bloodhound is a master tracker and scout who almost always knows the location of opponents and their direction of movement.

Pathfinder is a robotic hero who does not care about any hill or object that can be climbed with a hook or other means. You will be able to install special beacons for reconnaissance of the territory, or quickly move through difficult territories, bypassing large crowded places of players and battles.

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