Is it possible to run SKSE in Skyrim without Steam?

Well I have steam and a.. pirated skyrim. So after I installed skse whenever I open skyrim it goes to steam which I haven’t bought the game.

Launch Skyrim Without Steam

Yes just go to where skyrim is installed and right click SKSE_Loader.exe and right click and go to send and then to desktop. It will create a shortcut for you. Just use it to launch the game. If it’s a newer version of SKSE it might say Skyrim (SKSE), send that to the desktop instead

Go to your program files>steam>steamapps>common>skyrim and then look for the application titles skse_loader.exe this is the launcher in order to play skyrim with skse. just double click and to play, although I don’t know how to make it a desktop shortcut so you don’t have to go through the files every time.

I would guess that the anti-piracy is working then.
Buy the game.

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