How can skilled players encourage those with less ability

How can skilled players encourage those with less ability

You can say “Great job!” or if you played a game with somebody that is less understandable with the situation than you, can also say, “Great game” or “You did good! “or even, “Lets do it again and see if you know it better!” Those are what you can say.

Skilled players can encourage the less skilled, giving tips on how to improve the weaknesses that the less skilled have and praising the small achievements they achieve.
Explanation: It is always important that those who are more skillful help those who are less skilled, such a sense. Therefore, the most skillful players should never mock their less skillful friends; on the contrary, they should help them to improve their skills, give tips, train together, and praise when the less skilled get some improvement.

By letting them know that at one point, those skilled players were just like them too. Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t born shooting upper 90’s straight out of the womb. Skill takes time and effort.

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