Factor 26r3s + 52r5 – 39r2s4. what is the resulting expression?

Factor 26r3s + 52r5 – 39r2s4. what is the resulting expression?

The resulting expression is: 13r^2(2rs+4r^3-3rs^4) Step-by-step explanation: We need to factor 26r^3s + 52r^5 – 39r^2s^4. Since all the numbers are divisible by 13 and r^2 is common in both of them So, factorizing the above term 26r^3s + 52r^5 – 39r^2s^4 = 13r^2(2rs+4r^3-3rs^4) So, the resulting expression is: 13r^2(2rs+4r^3-3rs^4)

It’s the third option. Step-by-step explanation:

Option 3rd is correct Step-by-step explanation: GCF (Greatest common factor) is the largest number that divides the two number. Factor Find the GCF of the given expression. GCF of , and is, then; Therefore, the  resulting expression is,

the answer is C Step-by-step explanation:

The Given Expression is → Option   is correct option.

Answer 6

Step-by-step explanation: Factor: The smallest divisor of function is the factors of the function. 26r³s = 13×2×r×r×r×s 52r⁵= 13×2×2×r×r×r×r×r 39r²s⁴ = 13×3×r×r×s×s×s×s The common factors are = 13×r×r =13r² Therefore   26r³s+52r⁵-39r²s⁴ =( 13×2×r×r×r×s)+(13×2×2×r×r×r×r×r)-(13×3×r×r×s×s×s×s) =13r²(2×r×s+2×2×r×r×r-3×s×s×s×s) =13r²(2rs+4r³-3s⁴ ) ∴26r³s+52r⁵-39r²s⁴ =13r²(2rs+4r³-3s⁴ )

Answer Prime

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